Case Study: Stroll Singapore - Cloud Optimization by SphereClouds

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Case Study: Cloud Cost Optimization and Infrastructure Enhancement for Stroll Singapore by SphereClouds

Client: Stroll Singapore

Stroll Singapore, a prominent player in the industry, aimed to enhance their cloud infrastructure's efficiency and security. With a growing user base and increasing operational demands, they faced challenges in optimizing cloud costs, improving user response rates, and fortifying their security measures.

Challenge: Cloud Efficiency and Security

Stroll Singapore's AWS cloud infrastructure needed fine-tuning to achieve cost efficiency and operational excellence. The existing setup struggled with high costs due to underutilized resources. Additionally, user response rates were suboptimal due to inefficient queries to the RDS database. The client also recognized the need to fortify their security posture against potential threats.

Solution: Comprehensive Cloud Optimization by SphereClouds

Stroll Singapore engaged SphereClouds to revamp their cloud infrastructure comprehensively. We proposed a multi-faceted solution that addressed their cloud cost optimization, user response rate enhancement, and security concerns.

Cloud Cost Optimization: Reserved Instances Strategy

To address the cost inefficiencies, SphereClouds recommended the adoption of Reserved EC2 Instances and RDS Instances. By carefully analyzing Stroll Singapore's usage patterns, we determined the optimal type and size of instances that could be reserved, resulting in substantial cost savings while maintaining performance.

User Response Rate Enhancement: Database Performance Tuning

SphereClouds conducted an in-depth analysis of Stroll Singapore's application architecture. We identified bottlenecks in the user response rates caused by inefficient queries to the RDS database. Through performance tuning and query optimization, we significantly improved the application's responsiveness, leading to enhanced user experiences.

Security Enhancement: Infrastructure Fortification

Recognizing the critical importance of security, SphereClouds implemented a robust security strategy. We reviewed the existing infrastructure and introduced measures such as enhanced network segmentation, access control policies, and regular security audits. This approach ensured that Stroll Singapore's data and operations remained well-protected against potential threats.

Outcome: Enhanced Efficiency and Security

Through SphereClouds' comprehensive approach, Stroll Singapore witnessed transformative outcomes across their cloud infrastructure:

  1. Cost Efficiency: The adoption of Reserved Instances resulted in significant cost savings, maximizing return on investment.
  2. Improved User Experience: The performance tuning of the RDS database led to faster response rates, delighting users and boosting customer satisfaction.
  3. Fortified Security: The implementation of advanced security measures ensured the safety of Stroll Singapore's data and operations.

Business Impact

  • Cost Savings: Stroll Singapore achieved substantial reductions in cloud expenses while maintaining optimal performance levels.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Faster response rates and improved user experiences led to higher engagement and customer retention.
  • Security Confidence: With fortified security measures, Stroll Singapore gained confidence in safeguarding sensitive data.


The collaboration between Stroll Singapore and SphereClouds exemplifies the transformative power of cloud optimization and security enhancement. By leveraging Reserved Instances, improving database performance, and implementing advanced security measures, SphereClouds enabled Stroll Singapore to achieve cost efficiency, enhanced user experiences, and fortified security, ensuring their continued success in a dynamic market.

For a more detailed account of how SphereClouds optimized Stroll Singapore's cloud infrastructure and security, read the complete case study.